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Glasskula: Sandnes Ulf - Kongsvinger
Ulf-dödaren strikes again?

De skjelver kanskje litt ekstra i Sandnes når de tenker på hvem som kommer på lørdagsbesøk. Det er som regel trygt med hjemmebane men det har ikke virket sånn de siste gangene KIL har vært på besøk i Sandnes. Der har vi forsynt oss grovt med poeng. Både i fjor og året før vant vi med komfortable sifre. Vi liker oss i Rogaland og når i tillegg Adem Güven er klar for kamp etter å ha sonet ferdig det røde kortet mot Tromsdalen så ligger vel alt til rette for nok en trepoenger i Sandnes.

Kula tar ikke seieren på forskudd men hjemmeformen til Ulf er ikke helt stabil. Kun fire poeng så langt. En sterk 2-0 seier mot Start og 0-0 mot Nest-Sotra. Hjemme ikke så bra, borte best. Hva dette skyldes vites ikke, men kikker man på hva man har å stille med i Sandnes så kan man jo undre på hvorfor de ikke får det helt til.

De har ingen Messi eller Ronaldo, men med erfarne spillere som bl.a Christian Landu Landu og odølingen Kent Håvard Eriksen i stallen så burde de bite bedre fra seg. Bengt Sæternes og hans assistent Bojan Zajic har nok å tenke på der. Forhåpentligvis må de tenke enda hardere på dette etter helgen.

Forrige runde spilte Sandnes Ulf 0-0 borte mot Skeid mens KIL tok en grei 1-0 seier mot Nest-Sotra etter en tidlig scoring av Røer. Det var ikke et fyrverkeri av en fotballkamp men KIL hadde stort sett grei kontroll på gjestene. De yppet seg litt, men det holdt helt inn og vi er oppe på 6 plass. Om vi skal holde oss der så må vi, som Kula har vært inne på før, faktisk omsette sjanser til mål. Er egentlig ganske så utrolig at vi ligger såpass høyt med bare åtte mål.

Spillet er fremdeles ikke helt 100% men det kommer seg. Skal vi nok en gang ta alle poengene i Sandnes så bør vi ha litt mere fart på sakene, litt mer presisjon og vi bør også tørre å skyte litt oftere. Vi kan jo også flytte Røer opp som midtspiss med Güven og Aanesland på kant! Dødball er mål! Tanken er morsom men Kula er ganske sikker på at Røer spiller på sin vante plass og at Güven starter på topp.

Så? Slår Ulf-dödaren til igjen? Vil Sandnes ta revansje for alle hjemmetap mot KIL?

Kula er optimist og tror at poengfangsten i Rogaland fortsetter? Det blir litt jevnere denne gangen. Sandnes tar ledelsen men KIL snur og vinner 1-2 etter scoringer av Adem Güven og Røer. Røer header inn 1-2 på døball, såklart..

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anal sex toys I read the instructions before using mine, but I know a lot of people don\'t. So, if you are reading this and do not plan on reading the instructions, read this, and read it again: DO NOT USE THIS IN THE SHOWER! DO NOT USE THIS WITH WATER. As strange as it was to me, this is a dry shaver. vibrators You wanna save humanity, it\'s just the people you can\'t stand John LennonWitness the infinite justice of the new century. Surely this must be the last laugh of all extremist political movements. You don\'t get ideologies much more destructive than this. vibrators dildos The Sunday Start method was devised primarily for women who would prefer they have their withdrawal bleeds (your period wile using the pill) on a weekday, rather than on weekends, as it makes that more likely.Unless your healthcare provider suggests one way of starting is better for you, how you start is your call, based on your preferences. These two ways are ONLY relevant when you first start taking the pill. For every cycle thereafter, you\'ll start your new pack when you finish the pack before.. dildos sex Toys for couples Heather: I know I deeply benefitted by changing my community and my school, something I was lucky enough to be able to do. But I also was able to recognize that the problem WAS my community and my school, and not me or my orientation, something not everyone can recognize, especially without family or other supportive people around who are accepting of every orientation and sexual identity. For those who have really internalized every negative message around them, for whom positive messages don\'t seem real or are hard to hear, what can you offer?. sex Toys for couples anal sex toys One thing I kind of disagree with is your expectation that you can have sex with zero emotional involvement. I know people do it, but I also think that, especially for the first time, you do form a bond with that person. After all, you are sharing, in your own words \"a very private thing\" your body. anal sex toys male sex toys Have stated to measure underneath the breasts, then add 4 to it (if it\'s even) or 5 to it (if it\'s odd). Then measuring around the fullest, and subtracting the first number from that. Giving you the cup size. Many, many people are prejudiced nowadays, and that could have a direct effect on whether they get into a college or not, even if they are good, intelligent students. Until people mellow out and start putting aside differences, AA might not always be bad. It could help hard working minority members get a better chance at admittance. male sex toys sex toys During the late 1990s and the early 2000s, almost all the North Koreans who fled were escaping out of hunger or economic need. But the explosion of markets has improved life for many. Today, more people are leaving North Korea because they are disillusioned with the system, not because they can\'t feed their families.. sex toys cheap vibrators Hey!!! I just found this!! I was going to give you directions on how to get to mine buutt that\'s ok: ) we will use this thread: ) First off I would like to say that you are even better off since you are on birth controll!! I COMPLETELY understand your anxiety: / like I shared I had a similar scare(boyfriend touches himself with possible pre cum then proceeds to touch you) I have a question what caused you to even worry in the first place? For me it was this: I have been actively participating in manual sex for roughly 2 1/2 years(meaning that it has always been performed on me minus the first time I did it to my boyfriend when I had my scare) one day in april, a few days before my period was due I wondered to myself mmmm could manual sex result in pregnancy? I looked it up on the internet(bad idea NEVER go to yahoo) and it said it was possible if there was ejaculate. Well my period came and I forgot about it until my recent scare later in the month. After doing some research I have found that it really is not possible MAYBE and only MAYBE if there was fresh EJACULATE and a lot of it(it would be noticable) and it was IMMEADITLEY transfered to the vulva or inside the vagina.. cheap vibrators vibrators But here\'s my big conundrum: YOU I want in my life. But this guy? I need all the way out, and I need my friend to support me in that. Some of where I feel so hurt here is that you hooking up with him makes me feel very unsupported by you.. My wife received these in to surprise me one night. And oh did it work. She selected her favorite toy and was bent over on the bed waiting for me to get out of the shower. vibrators sex Toys for couples Because it contains spandex, I recommend hanging it up to dry, because heat breaks down the elastic in both the fabric and the waistband over time. It has a matte finish, and gives the impression of a good quality product. Inside the box, the pant is neatly folded in a cellophane bag with an adhesive flap sex Toys for couples.
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Minor B training will continue this week in association with the Senior 2 and U16B footballers and subject to the availability of the hurling contingent. Challenge Matches coming up will be arranged in the gaps somewhere. Best of Luck to the Junior A Hurlers in their Championship Quarter Final against Clontarf on Wednesday Night. A couple of hours later, when this is finished and everyone has boarded the bus, it drives overnight to the city of the next engagement. It\'s during this drive that you\'re supposed to sleep. (I don\'t know about you, but it\'s hard for me to sleep well on a bus. wholesale nfl jerseys Hathcock was drawn out of camp when the enemy sniper shot several of his fellow Marines, despite knowing that the man was simply trying to bait him. So it was sort of like Enemy at the Gates, only with fewer fake German accents. To avoid a hasty debraining via high velocity bullet, Hathcock would have to move slowly and stay out of sight, so he crawled the distance between himself and the other sniper on his stomach, making sure to keep the sun behind him.. wholesale nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys from china I\'m good.\"\"It\'s amazing,\" said UB coach Lance Leipold. \"He\'s still 18 and he continues to grow. That\'s a big man, and I keep saying he has a bright future.\"Talk about standing tall in the pocket. They have been lucky in their coaches and management. Team spirit is difficult to create and frustratingly easy to destroy. Look at Wales.. Codey won\'t say that (I don\'t know if he believes it) because he would lose his coveted Senate Presidency overnight if he did. But if Codey actually believed that same sex couples deserve marriage as a civil right, there would be no justification for not moving forward with it. It would be the equivalent of condemning slavery while being willing to accept \"apprentice for life\" or \"indentured for life\" status (which, to our shame, New Jersey did).. Cheap Jerseys from china wholesale nfl jerseys from china The first was in 1973. When my dad was hired to coach the secondary. At the University of Michigan we came in March. Overall everybody found it a really good backpacking trip of 2 days/nights. Forced everybody to really pay attention and learn how to read the maps and trails. It was a different kind of challenge since it is not well maintained or marked. Sports is more than her passion, it\'s also her currency for buying trust and opening hearts.\"She uses sports to make everyone feel a connection,\" says fellow waitress Cathy Estrada. \"Sports is something everyone can talk about when they sit down and look forward to talking about again when they come back.\"That connection is particularly important in a place like the Peppertree, where many longtime customers are older and alone. She uses sports to comfort grieving widows, energize uncertain new retirees and tease groups of older men who just like to show up and make fun of her Chiefs.\"She caters to our many seniors, a lot of elderly and lonely people who don\'t just come here to eat, but to spend time with her,\" Dallas says. wholesale nfl jerseys from china wholesale jerseys Up the programmes and planning is key if we are to achieve big things on the international stage. As leaders, we sometimes have to self criticise because we always prepare late in the build up to major competition. I want to see this project succeeding. The bike is obvious. But Brailsford also recognized the value of a good night\'s sleep to finely tuned athletes, so he also worked with suppliers of mattresses and pillows. Each athlete would have their own set, specially designed around their body type and sleep patterns to help them rest and recover so that they could train harder. wholesale jerseys cheap jerseys Dow: / NASDAQ: / S 500:How To: Fix Your Fatigue And Get More EnergyCINCINNATI (AP) Basketball Hall of Famer Jack Twyman, one of the NBA top scorers in the 1950s who became the guardian to a paralyzed teammate, has died. He was 78.Twyman died Wednesday at a Cincinnati hospice of complications from an aggressive form of blood cancer, his son, Jay Twyman said Thursday.Jack Twyman played for the University of Cincinnati and spent 11 seasons in the NBA with the Rochester and Cincinnati Royals.He averaged a career high 31.2 points per game in the 1959 60 season, playing in six All Star games.In 1958, after teammate Maurice Stokes was left paralyzed after a head injury suffered during a game, Twyman became his guardian to help Stokes receive medical benefits.Twyman later worked as a television analyst on NBA games. His most famous work as an announcer came in Game 7 of the 1970 NBA finals between the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers, when he stopped himself mid sentence during the pre game to announce that he saw injured New York center Willis Reed coming through the player tunnel cheap jerseys. Caryn
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cheap fleshlight Unfortunately there were a few downsides to the design of this toy. The wings of the butterfly are a bit too stiff so it\'s a bit uncomfortable to wear while standing or walking. In addition to the wings the penis shaped portion was too short to provide much stimulation and actually slipped out anytime my wife tried sitting down. male masturbation This waterproof toy cleans very easily, simply use antibacterial soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. If you\'ve shared the Petite Treats, you can sanitize it in a 1:10 bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water). Please do not sanitize this vibrator in boiling water or the dishwasher because high heat might damage the electronic components inside the toy. male masturbation fleshlight toy The box contains one pair (2 total) of the soft pink cuffs. Each cuff is made up of a 10 inch long by 2 inch wide piece of pink faux fur like material. It is soft to the touch and slightly plushy. We have never had unprotected sex and I have never missed a pill (and not doubled up) but I am late taking it in the same day sometimes. I\'m still paranoid about being pregnant. I heard you can get your period and still be pregnant, is this true? How is this physically possible? and if so, how is one that is safe, able to tell if something went wrong and they are pregnant? I know it\'s a bit ridiculous for me to think I\'m pregnant with all the precautions I take, but I still would like some warning signs for when I\'m anxious. fleshlight toy male fleshlight On further information on sex and sex related issues, i self taught myself through the internet and the sex education offered at school. I managed to get myself on birth control on my own at 18. I\'m now 22 going on 23 in June. I can see the \"caramel\" matching tan white people but that not actually their skin tone. 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It\'s simple to step into the harness and get it on and adjusted. Once on, the harness stays about where it was put. Back at the accident site, Gargan and Markham undressed and spent 45 minutes (their estimate) diving. They were unable to get in a position to see Miss Kopechne, much less rescue her or recover her body. Giving up, they drove Kennedy to the ferry landing, where they sat and talked with him for 10 minutes (their estimate). fleshlight toy best fleshlight Davis\'s performance is a tour de force of maternal anguish. At times, she seems as fragile and addled as Mia Farrow in \"Rosemary\'s Baby,\" as Ms. Kent pulls Polanskian strings of helplessness and paranoia. It is suitable for those interested in anal play that already have a little experience. A ton of experience is not necessary because it is not a very large plug and it has a smaller tip that gradually gets large. 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Kids Should Do Educational AssignmentsMy idea of a quality daycare whether it be a home daycare setting or a daycare center is one that prepares children for a school setting. Children should be prepared in every way including academically. Small children ages one and two can be taught with flash cards. U Tip Extensions Clara disembarked at Rotterdam on 22 July 1741 and was immediately exhibited to the public. Clara was exhibited in Antwerp and Brussels in 1743 and in Hamburg in 1744. The exhibitions were so successful that Douwe Mout van der Meer left the VOC in 1744 to tour Europe with his rhinoceros. U Tip Extensions 360 lace wigs In August 2008, Wicks began dating fellow country singer Julianne Hough, who is a professional dancer and two time champion on Dancing with the Stars.[9] Wicks and Hough competed as a couple on the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars. Their first performance took place on March 9, 2009, and he was eliminated from the show on April 28. They announced a mutual break up on November 10, 2009.[10]Wanting to pursue a career in country music, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee after quitting college two classes short of graduation from Florida Southern College.[4] He then began to hone his songwriting skills, penning more than one hundred songs per year at one point, and one of his songs, \"Lead Me On\", was recorded by Steve Holy on his 2006 album Brand New Girlfriend. 360 lace wigs clip in extensions Fix Box Hair Dye and Bleaching DisastersUnfortunately, many DIY hair folks are mislead into thinking that a good old box dye can dye hair blonde. This is not the case! You can not use a blonde box dye to dye dark hair to blonde, even when the before and after color panel on the side of the hair dye might indicate otherwise. I often have people ask me why their black hair didn\'t turn out blonde, or at least light brown, after using a pretty (in the pictures) natural golden blonde box hair color.. clip in extensions full lace wigs I think he geared mainly towards voice over work. JK Simmons is in his retinue (holy shit, dude), as are many other extremely talented folks. He talks about this quite a bit on Troy Beer Pressure podcast.Matthew is a playwright who was/is completing his work towards an MFA degree, and has written numerous plays, most of which are very tightly constrained in terms of actors and stage settings. full lace wigs clip in extensions At the bottom of the engraving is an inscription stating that a series of six folio volumes published over 17 years will set out the measurements of the periwigs of the ancients. This satirises Stuart\'s Antiquities of Athens. Above, a line of female profiles shows, from left to right, the face of Queen Charlotte and five others, each wearing a triple necklace and bearing a coronet: a duchess, a marchioness, a countess, a viscountess, and a baroness. clip in extensions I Tip extensions I find this woman intolerable. If no one watches her, she won be on television; it that simple. It was cute when they did a special once a year on them, but once it became a regular show, it got out of control quickly. Giving birth is a normal life event. I have attended fifty births in hones and hospitals. The problems I have seen have ONLY been at hospitals because it is an unnatural environment to give birth in. I Tip extensions lace front wigs One of the more important reasons that scientists like to study mice? Mice are easily modified genetically. That means that scientists can manipulate the mouse so that certain genes can be made inactive or turned off. They call these manipulated mice \"knockout mice,\" and they\'re a boon to researchers who are attempting to study how a certain genes can cause diseases [source: NHGRI]. lace front wigs tape in extensions All I saw was hair that looked as if it was burned and sticking straight off a broom. I said to Flo was happened? Flo just shrugged. Apparently Flo was used to perming thick black Asian hair and used the same product on my fine bleached hair. The personal debt of gratitude I owe Alex is immeasurable. He has been my friend, mentor and colleague for more than 20 years. Quite simply, I would not have been able to do what I have in politics without his constant advice, guidance and support through all these years tape in extensions. Lace front wigs
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Meanwhile, IRC was also a thing. If you a hip millennial and don know what IRC is, think of it as Discord except only text chat. Db was the place to be, and was (again) where all of the big fansite owners would hang out. All that Robert had no hand in but after that Danny is at her weakest. She has the fewest number of followers, her dragons are new born and not remotely battle useful. She would get to Qarth and they would certainly kill her entire entourage at the gate for the money Robert would be offering as well as the chance at her dragons or the same thing would play out where she enters the city but is killed by an assassin instead.. hair extensions That couldn\'t be completely correct. Could it? There had to be at least a handful of sexy women with gray hair out there in Hollywood. Women who weren\'t looked upon as old but, rather, glamorous and dignified. It\'s impossible not to watch The Jinx and attempt to diagnose Durst his defense attorney did so at his trial, which is not depicted in the first two episodes provided to critics because what The Jinx offers is a look inside the dark recesses of Durst\'s mind. The man is enthralling to watch because you\'re never sure who exactly is staring back at you, his rapidly blinking eyes darting around as he talks directly to Jarecki, sitting across from him (which was impossible for Koenig and Syed, given the difference in circumstances and medium). Durst is also wholly devoid of Syed\'s charm and affable qualities, a Great White pressing against fractured glass at an aquarium, while Syed remained a sympathetic voice on the line. hair extensions U Tip Extensions In 1968 Sims told Ladies\' Home Journal:\"It helped me more than anything else because it showed my face. After it was aired, people wanted to find out about me and use me.\"[4]She became one of the first successful black models while still in her teens, and achieved worldwide recognition from the late 1960s into the early 1970s, appearing on the covers of prestigious fashion and popular magazines. The New York Times wrote that (her) \"appearance as the first black model on the cover of Ladies\' Home Journal in November 1968 was a consummate moment of the Black is Beautiful movement\".[2][5] She also appeared on the cover of the October 17, 1969 issue of Life magazine.[2] This made her the first African American model on the cover of the magazine. U Tip Extensions lace front wigs Can you be sad too or are you stuck at angry? When I am angry I need time to process it and doing stuff doesn\'t help a lot. As ugly as it is i need to sit there without company or media etc and just be angry, maybe writing a journal or talking to myself about it or just letting the thoughts come and go ranting on in my head. That way I can really process it and then I usually find a way to accept things and calm down, or to draw a plan to improve things and become proactive again instead of stuck, or I start to get sad and grieve.. lace front wigs lace front wigs Another way to check this is to see how he is after he comes home from a trip. Is he horny all the time for days afterward? If so, it\'s likely because of the separation. This tells you that by changing things up choosing different locations for instance or having sex differently you may really help to increase the quantity of sex you get.. Had a chance to play it in May with the designer. Four hours later, I had no idea what two of the five of us were even doing on the other side of the map. It felt like the game needed an editor with the amount of systems at play, and the amount of time I need to invest in it to get to that \"next level strategy\" looked like way too much. lace front wigs 360 lace wigs In 1841 the Tokugawa Bakufu began importing military manuals and small arms from the Dutch in response to the Opium War in China. This marked the beginning of Japans modernization. Many of the troops especially those retained by individual domains continued to wear traditional clothing. It is a little difficult with kids sometimes so I just put it up in curls or some other updo style. Sometimes I just take half of it and twist it halfway up in a clip where it still looks long, but stays out of my way. I still wear it down allot with various styles or just hanging loose straight with nothing in it ( my husbands favorite way) 360 lace wigs. human hair Wigs
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